Kayak Instruction Novice Courses


Would you like to consolidate your whitewater paddling skills and build your confidence?

The course will begin with a review of skills on flat and moving water before concentrating on whitewater skills.

Before taking part in a Novice Course you should:

  • Have completed a Penrith Whitewater Beginner Whitewater or Whitewater Quick-start Courseor have paddled a kayak in grade 2-3 whitewater 5 to 10 times in the last year.
  • Be able to paddle in a straight line on flatwater.
  • Be able to ferry glide, break-in & break-out on grade 2-3 whitewater.   
  • Be comfortable on grade 2-3 whitewater.
  • Be able to roll in grade 2-3 whitewater

On the course you will work on:

  • Posture, balance, leaning & surfing
  • Effective strokes
  • Rolling in the current
  • Grade 1 – 3 paddling
  • Catching small eddies
  • Paddling with anticipation
  • Reading water, group awareness, scouting & basic throwrope technique    
  • Performing break-ins & break-outs, ferries & linking manoeuvres.
  • Rolling on both sides & hand rolls.

Adventure Level: HIGH. We recommend that you be physically fit, a strong swimmer and be very confident in the water.

Duration: 2 days

Minimum age: 12 years   

Cost: $280 per person

Our next Novice Course is scheduled for:

Saturday 10th March, 2018  9am - 4pm 

Sunday 11th March, 2018    9am - 4pm 

Bookings are essential. Please call 02 4730 4333 to enquire about this course or to book a place. Some conditions and pre-requisites apply.