Kayak Instruction Intermediate Courses


Have you mastered the basics of whitewater paddling and are ready for the next challenge?

The course will begin with a review of skills on flat and moving water before concentrating on whitewater skills.

Before taking part in an Intermediate Course you should:

  • Have completed a Penrith Whitewater Novice Course or be confident on grade 3 whitewater
  • Have paddled on grade 3 whitewater a number of times in the last year.
  • Be able to confidently perform break-ins & break-outs, catch small eddies and ferry glide on grade 3 whitewater.
  • Be able to roll consistently & confidently on grade 3 whitewater.
  • Be able to safely self-rescue in grade 3 whitewater.

On the course you will work on:

  • Front and side surfing, 360’s & boofing
  • Specific playboat moves and stroke combinations
  • Maintaining general awareness
  • Reverse ferries
  • Fine water reading skills
  • Grade 3 paddling
  • Rolling on both sides & hand rolls

Adventure Level: HIGH. We recommend that you be physically fit, a strong swimmer and be very confident in the water.

Duration: 2 days

Minimum age: 12 years

Cost: $280 per person